Coding Background

In March 2018 I started to work for a government subcontractor IT firm as a Software Developer & Consultant, with a focus on C++ Security Applications and Full-Stack PHP (laravel) development.

In late 2016 hardware development caught my eye, and so I began fumbling around with Arduino and some cheap parts ordered from China. As that went on I was forced to transition to C++, which was not very difficult for some basic LED-Blink sketches. But as you can see in my Portfolio, I also tried to program a little game engine, which was more demanding. What further fostered my skill in C++ was the biggest software project I attempted: Lilith, The Open Source C++ Remote Administration Tool (RAT) – which I have made available on GitHub for free after one year of closed-source development.

In 2014 I took my baby steps in programming, but it was not until 2015/16 that I really learned how to get along in the realm of coding by working on some more sophisticated projects.